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Why Solar Cloud Tools?

Solar Cloud Tools is a multi-organizational front-to-back end cloud solution that allows contractors to easily manage downstream project level activities. Users create and manage sales leads, drag and drop panels into a Google Map based preliminary design engine, generate a real-time finance or cash based proposal and manage the customer installation.

Manage, create and
customize your installation

Solar Cloud Tools' Cloud ConstructionTM engine allows permissions to be set at both the Company and Project level. Contractors can create or utilize default or customized installation processes for Companywide installation procedures. Users can be set to have no access, read-only access, standard access, or admin access. Sub-contractors, engineers, project managers or sales personnel, whether outside contractor or internal employee can have a custom role-based access, making it easy to provide a specific user with different permission levels on separate projects. You determine what every user can see, upload, read, edit, create or approve on each project or companywide.

Set companywide selling prices,
commissions and compensation

Solar Cloud Tools' allows administrators to set companywide system prices for quotations, sales commissions and compensation for various types of activities - lead generation or closing - allowing users to see real-time potential commission in the dashboard. Administrators can set range based system prices - $4.00/W ~ $5.00/W - allowing administrators to set companywide pricing for all installations, while giving the sales personnel the flexibility to make real-time changes to the proposal on the go.

Keep your clients informed
through their own portal

Important project documents shouldn't be kept on individual computers, laptops or other devices. Solar Cloud Tools' creates a customer management portal, allowing customers to download key documents, see where they are at in the installation process and keeps all project related files safe and secure with multiple back-ups. Contractors can set which documents are shared with the customer in the client portal - installation contracts, warranties, specification sheets and building permit plan sets - allowing for easy document management throughout the organization.

Everyday we manage thousands of installs for many businesses

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